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Website Statistics

We provide clients with a sophisticated web analytics (statistics) package, Hitslink, as part of our Internet Marketing and Premium Website Hosting services. The program works, as do most such programs, by use of a tracking script on each page of your website.

You can access your stats at: Please contact us for your login.

For clients on our basic hosting plan, you still have access to statistics. However, this is a less sophisticated and less accurate set of stats. The basic stats for sites we are hosting, are accessible by logging in to:


To ensure your own visits aren’t counted by Hitslink, for each of your computers, once you are logged into Hitslink on the menu on the left go to:

setup / ignore this browser / "Yes, this is what I want to do."

If you use more than one browser on your computer, you need to do this separately for each browser.

Alternatively, if you have a number of computers with a unique IP address or range of IP addresses, those can be set to be ignored by selecting “Exclude IP Ranges From Tracking” from the setup menu. That only needs to be done once, from any computer.


1. If you try to login to Hitslink and it tells you cookies are turned off, it is being blocked as spyware on your computer, probably by Spybot S&D or because of security settings on your web browser. You would need to manually allow Hitslink as an exception or reduce the security level (default level in Internet Explorer works).

2. Note: If you clear cookies at some time you will need to re-do this. That includes if cookies are cleared by maintenance software.

Let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance with this.

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