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FastF Photo Gallery Instructions for Clients

Once logged in to admin, you’ll see the navigation on the left. Some settings aren’t needed or have been set by FastF when we set up the gallery. Following are the options or actions you may need or want to use:

Options / Gallery: Change the gallery name or description. You can also add / edit the Meta Description (for search engines).

Options / Photo / Albums: Change how display order for photos and for albums is determined (usually will be by weight number for both).

Albums / Add Album:

Create an album, including giving it a title, description and uploading a thumbnail to represent the album. Note you can have “sub-albums” by assigning a “parent” to album.

Albums / Manage Albums:

Select to edit or delete an album (can also add a single image through this option).

Change album names, descriptions, parents, thumbnail. Assign a weight number to determine what order albums are displayed in (if weight option is enabled).

Photo Management / Multi-image Uploader:

Before uploading images, resize to 1MB or smaller if needed. Your images will be correctly sized but the program will not handle files larger than 1MB. Also name the images correctly before uploading (see below).

Select what album to upload to
Browse to select images to upload
Click “Upload” then wait until all images are uploaded AND for “Processing” is
complete (“Finished!” message on screen).

You can now use the edit function to add descriptions, delete photos or change the order in which they are displayed.

Photo Management / Manage Photos:

Select an album, then select a photo
From dropdown select Edit: change name or description
From dropdown select Delete: to remove
Enter “Weight number” to determine order photos are displayed within the
album, highest to lowest. Note: option must be turned on in album settings.

Albums and image names use only letters, numbers and spaces.? Use no punctuation characters such as dashes or hyphens, underlines, single or double quotes, parentheses, etc. or any other characters such as [!-_"';,.:/\|)(&*#@],.

Album and photo names must be unique no two photos in the entire gallery (not just within an album) may have the same name.

We recommend that names should always be descriptive, both for the user experience and for the search engines.

We also recommend that names should be in Title Case (capitalize the first letter of each word). Use spaces to separate words, don’t run them together. Use "Before" and "After" and numbers to pair up images.

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