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Site Search

Your site may have been provided with a search function which works like Google but only searches within your site. This provides another way for visitors to find what they are looking for and is very popular.

A couple of things you should know about this:

1. This is not updated automatically.

That means when changes are made to the site such as changes in copy, adding or deleting pages, you need to tell the search function to update the index (search data base) to reflect the changes.

To do this, go to {yourdomainname}/admin, log in (it’ll be same as general FTP log-in for your site) and click on “index website”. It will “spider” the entire site and when complete let you know the number of pages indexed, any broken links and the total number of words in the index.

If your site is larger than 100 pages, you may need to run this several times in a row so that it hits every page.

2. The search function accumulates statistics on searches which can be queried for the past day, week or month. From the admin page, click on “stats”. From the dropdowns select “Query-Count”, then “Last day”, “Last week” or “Last month” and click submit. It will then list all search phrases used in that period and how many for each, in descending order.

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