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Submitting Changes, Instructions


Copy and layout changes are best submitted in Microsoft Word documents. Changes to multiple pages can be included in one file by using a format such as this:

(for a website)
services.html: change the second paragraph:

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

(for a brochure)
inside left panel: crop the 2nd picture so the briefcase doesn’t show in the picture.

In each case, the change should be made by copying and pasting an entire paragraph from the page (or the entire page’s copy) into a Word document, then making the copy changes. Do not delete any unchanged copy. That way we can simply replace the entire paragraph without having to figure out what is changed or not.

This is much faster for both you and for us and helps prevent errors, as opposed to something like this:

change the 4th word in the second sentence of the 9th paragraph from “of” to “for.”

or by indicating what is to be changed with a color code system.


It is best to use comments to transmit instructions on copy or page layout, as they may otherwise be missed and end up as text on the page.

This includes links in websites and emails. These are best indicated by selecting the word or phrase which is to become a link and creating a comment containing the link (destination URL).

Image locations can be indicated by embedding the file in the document or email, or simply described in comments. Use comments to give the image file name. The image must be separately sent, we cannot use images embedded in an email or Word doc. Comments can be used to indicate an image caption or alt (rollover words).

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