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Submitting Copy and Materials

Our marketing proposals and contracts require submission of materials in electronic form unless otherwise specified. Additionally, if you are a premium website hosting service client, or we are performing work on an hourly rate basis, submission of materials in the wrong form can greatly increase the amount of time it takes for us to do the work.

Here is what you need to know about submitting materials, for maximum efficiency on both our ends, and to prevent errors. The more basic material is included in the first part of this document, less commonly needed information appears later.


Copy is best submitted in Microsoft Word documents with descriptive names. We can accept Publisher, text, and Works files or copy simply typed into an email.

Image files:

We can accept image files in .jpg, .gif, .psd, .tif or .bmp formats. In most cases we prefer original, unedited, uncompressed files, as large as possible. .Pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files are also very acceptable for images of print items or forms.

Logos should be sent in .eps or .ai format. We cannot guarantee the usability of logos in other formats. Also embedding or converting a file in another format, into .eps or .ai format will not render it more usable.

Do not send image files in Word docs or Publisher files unless it is impossible to provide the material in any other way (in such cases we cannot guarantee their usability).

Naming of files:

Please name your files in a descriptive manner, for example, Jenny.jpg for a photo of Jenny, not DSC0034.jpg, or Services Description.doc for a write-up of your services. We also recommend you save all material yourselves in a well-organized fashion. You’ll probably need it again in the future. Make it easy to find.

Multiple files:

If you have several files to send, even if they are small files, please combine them into a single compressed file. We can accept .zip (Windows), .sit (Mac), .rar as well as more exotic compression formats.

On PCs, you can create .zip files by putting all the photos, etc. into one folder, selecting the folder, and right clicking “Send To” and “Compressed (zipped) Folder” or by using WinZip if you have it.

On Mac’s, you can create .sit files with StuffIt.

If the resulting compressed file is then under 5MB, you can email it as an attachment. Otherwise please follow the instructions for sending large files.

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