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Submitting Large Files

Files under 5MB (5 MegaBytes) in size can be emailed as an attachment. Some versions of Mac email programs will not send image files to a PC as an attachment. In such cases, or if you are submitting larger files please do not email them to us as they may not arrive. Use our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service, by going to:

And following the instructions to upload your files. This is good for up to 2GB (2 GigaBytes = 2,000 MegaBytes) files which would be, for example, about 1000 large photos. We will automatically receive an email with a link we can use to download the file.

You can also provide material on one or more CDs (up to about 650MB per CD) or as data (not video) DVDs (up to about 4.3GB per DVD). Please contact us if you have a file too large to fit on one DVD (usually this would be only in the case of raw video footage).

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