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Clearances and Legal

All copy and imagery supplied to us should either be your own creation or you should have written authority to use it.

Any photos or video with people in them should have signed clearances for their use. We can supply a model clearance form. Photos, testimonials and the like involving health-care patients should have any authorization from the patient necessary to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Photos, clip art, illustrations, music files, video clips, etc. which you did not create yourselves should be royalty-free, purchased or obtained with written authorization from the rightful owner or a legitimate dealer. We do not recommend purchasing of art from foreign companies (outside the U.S., Canada or the U.K.).

We will assume you have the legal right to use any material you have supplied to us. You will bear the legal burden if an issue arises.

Similarly, we are not lawyers and must assume any copy or other material supplied us for use in your websites, postcards, brochures or other marketing materials, complies with any and all legal requirements which may apply.

Such would include, for example, any legal notices required for free or discounted services in advertising; limitations or requirements prescribed by State Boards, Bar Associations or otherwise; and the Federal CAN-SPAM regulations for commercial email.

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