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Sync Displays

Printable Instructions

Please download the pdf instructions above for set up and take-down of your display.

Set-up and take down can be done easily by one person and take only a few minutes. For full size displays (8 foot high) this is easier with a short ladder or step stool to stand on.

Most Sync displays can be used “concave” (ends bow towards the front) or “convex” (ends bow towards the back), depending on which side you hang the panels / fabric.

All full panels and wraps attach with hooks and magnets. Small add-on panels are usually attached with Velcro. We leave amount and placement of the Velcro up to you since clients have different preferences on this. In that case a quantity of Velcro is enclosed.

We stand behind your display with a lifetime guarantee. The laminated panels are also sturdy and should last a long time, and have a lifetime guarantee against delamination.

1. DO NOT FORCE PARTS TOGETHER. Something is wrong if parts don’t slide or snap together easily.

2. When attaching magnetic channel bars, hook on the top tab, slide onto the second tab from the top, then hook onto the bottom tab before sliding onto the next to bottom tab.

3. When hanging panels, first hook them at the top then smooth them from top down. When properly hung, they will fit the curve of the frame and adjacent panels will meet without any gap. We recommend starting at one end and working to the other end on the main panels, then hanging the end caps last.

4. When removing panels, separate them from the magnetic channel bars from the bottom up, finally unhooking them at the top.

5. Panels should only be rolled up with the art on the outside. Delamination is possible if rolled up with art on the inside. Be careful not to bend panels too sharply, or they can get a permanent stress crease.

6. Store the panels inside the plastic they came in (one panel per bag), and away from direct sunlight. We recommend rolling panels up one at a time and storing them (with the hardware) inside your travel case.

7. Panels can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or any mild cleaner.

Please call if you have any questions or difficulties.


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