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Putting Videos on a Site

Videos should embedded with a player that supports both Flash and HTML5, so that they are viewable on the broadest range of devices, including iPods and iPhones. JW Player is a good example of this.

Here are 4 examples of how we could add the videos to the site. It should remain consistent throughout a site:

1. Multiple videos using one window:  (can also play single videos)

2. Single video embedded within text:

3. Single video with screen shot that spawns a popup (very bottom of page):

4. Multiple videos all on one page:

A video can also be set to start playing automatically, or require a click to start playing. In most all cases the latter is preferable. People get annoyed. Sometimes the nature of the business, what is being sold requires it.

It is also possible to use “cookies” so a video only plays the first time a person views a page, or first time they view it that day, etc. This won’t always work.

Finally, there is no way to control the sound level of a video so it will be appropriate for everyone even if they have speakers and they are turned on. We can only take our best guess at sound levels, and make it easy and obvious for someone to adjust the level or turn the sound off.

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